Monday, July 24, 2006

Reccomended Reading

(1) The best books I know of for gaining knowledge of Torah Hashkafa, strengthening your belief in G-d and the Torah, getting a picture of what Judaism really means, and understanding its fundamentals:

"Rejoice O Youth", "Awake My Glory", and "Sing You Righteous", by Rabbi Avigdor Miller. These books are absolutely unique, unmatched by anything out there, and should be required reading for all Jews throughout the world, regardless of their level!

(2) The best sefer for inspiring teenagers to want to be more frum; for gaining the "burning desire" to serve Hashem; to get strength and inspiration to fight the battle to go higher and higher; to develop emotional motivation to fulfill what your brain tells you is right:

"Chovas HaTalmidim" by Rabbi Klonimus Kalman, rebbe of Piesetz, and later, Warsaw. Available also in English, "A Student's Obligation". But if you can read it in Hebrew, do so. The language is beautiful, poetic almost, and part of the inspiration is HOW he writes, as well as what he writes. Read it, please.

(3) The best Sefer for a Torah perspective on contemporary issues such as non-religious Jews, Zionism, secularism, as well as classic Hashkofa on the basics of Teshuva and Emunah:

"Kovetz Maamarim" of Rav Elchonon Wasserman ZTL. A new print came out, 2 volumes.

(4) The best source of guidance for the issues confronting today's Yeshiva bochur about his learning and growth in Yeshiva, and understanding the Torah position on contemporary issues such as land for peace, the Israeli government, and specifics about many other issues:

"Michtavim UMaamarim" of Rav Shach ZT"L.

NOTE: ALL of the above were written specifically for teenagers and young adults.

In the category of basic Torah Hashkafa applied to contemporary issues:

"Maaseh Ish", the voluminous biography and stories of the Chazon Ish ZTL. Invaluable as a source of light and wisdom on just about every issue in the world.


(1) The best sefer that gives you a complete picture of Judaism - Roshei Perakim, not many details, but a complete spectrum of Hashkafa, everything from Avos to dreams to Tefilin to Shadim:

"Derech Hashem" of the Ramchal. "The Way of G-d" in English. Translated by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan.

(2) The best sefer on Hashgacha - G-d's control over the universe, suffering, and understanding why this world is so messed up in general:

"Daas Tevunos" of the Ramchal - "The Knowing Heart" in English.



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