Tuesday, September 26, 2006


You can't say Oh Jesus.
Baal P'eor is not a problem because that Avodah Zarah has been Botul.
"Jeez" is not Halachicly prohibited since its not his full name, but it is certainly repulsive to use it.
"Gee whiz", by the way, also refers to Yoshkah. The "Gee" is really "Jee", the first syllable in his name.
L'havdil, "Oh G-d" may not be said according to many Poskim for a different reason - it is taking Hashem's name in vain.


The GRA there says in the name of the Mordechai that you can say the name of an Avodah Zarah if it's not a "deified" name or context thereof. The problem is when a person says "Oh Jesus", that's clearly a deification. It’s like l'havdil when someone says "Oh G-d" or omg. The only reason his name is brought up in this context is because they believe he is some kind of deity otherwise the expression makes no sense. It's like a calling out to the deity.
Also, the name Christ means Messiah, so even in a simple non-deified context it would be forbidden to say.


"Darn" is an offshoot of "damn", which means to put a curse on something. "darn it" means "curse this stupid thing". You're not cursing "darn", rather, "darn" means to curse. "Oh Jesus" would not mean "curse Jesus".
But in plain conversation, to say Jesus without Christ is permitted. We call him Yoshka because it is a Mitzvah to make fun of Avoda Zara.


When you think of what those "swear" words really mean, it should repulse anyone. The difference between you and those it doesn't repulse is that the others just mindlessly spout it out without any thinking about what it means. You, being a person who uses their head and not just their mouth when they talk, are repulsed because of the meaning behind the words.




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