Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Kahanism II

Jewish pride has to come through the Jewish religion, not tribal militancy, which is the type of pride the JDL instills. Jewish pride means we are holy, children of Hashem, and it comes hand in hand with Jewish humility when we contemplate the great responsibility that comes with that privilege. Jewish pride leads to commitment to Torah and Mitzvos.

Spending so much of your time energy and life preparing to know how to shoot someone in case of another holocaust is not our job in this world. Our job is to become Torah scholars and do Mitzvos. And if there will be another holocaust c"v, your knowing how to shoot will not save lives nearly as much as the commitment of Klall Yisroel to Hashem's Torah.

The JDL is more than a Karate class. It is a philosophy of what Jews need in this world to survive against the Goyim. Their philosophy is wrong and against the Torah as explained above.


Of course hishtadlus is needed, but the question is, what path to take for hishtadlus? Both advance and retreat are Hishtadlus, and both are appropriate in their proper times.

Chazal tell us that for Klall Yisroel, the histadlus that will be successful for us, is never, ever, to assert ourselves to or to confront the nations of the world. That will be our salvation.

We must never even demand things of the nations - we can only request, Rav Elchonon says. We cannot protest against them, we cannot demand they give us anything, we cannot write newspaper articles about how wrong they are (between ourselves, yes, we can and should; but to the world, in public, we cannot).

That is not relying on a miracle, that is practical advice from Chazal based on the factual dynamics in the relationship between the Jewish Nation and the Goyish Nations. The psychology of the Goyim, the Jews, and all other factors were considered by G-d and this is the advice - and orders that he gave us.

If we lay low, submit to the nations, we will live. Else, c"v...

This is how Klall Yisroel survived all these years. This is the only way we can survive in the future.

The victories of the IDF were battles; the war with the Arabs is not over. Far from it. The IDF has not conquered their enemies. On the contrary, more people have been killed by the enemy - Arabs - in Israel since the inception of the State than everywhere else in the world put together where we have no army. And that, despite the fact that more Jews always lived - and still do - outside EY.

And even the "victories" are questionable. Israel "won" the war of '48. But 6,000 Jews were killed in it. That means, if you add up all the people killed in the World Trade Center tragedy, double that, and make believe they were all Jews - that still doesn’t equal the amount of Jews killed in a "victory".

Depends what you consider victory. If you want land, and are willing to give Jewish blood, which is of course against everything the Torah teaches - a Jewish life is worth more than all the land, including Eretz Yisroel and the Bais HaMikdash itself - then it’s a victory, I suppose.

On Purim, they only fought AFTER the enemy was neutralized. When the Gezeirah was over, and the Jews had the support of the government, they "mopped up" their enemies. They did NOT fight Achashveirosh to nullify the decree.

Even today, it is clear that the incendiary acts of the Kahanists have caused Jewish blood to spill. Including that of Kahane himself, and his son and daughter in law. His way did not work for him. It doesn’t work for anyone.

The insane act of the Kachnik Tatiana Soskin caused an Arab uprising that killed and maimed may Jews. Sharon's incendiary remarks on the Har Habayis triggered suicide bombers. Chaim Weissman's insane declaration on the radio that the Jews are declaring war on Hitler damaged all hopes of negotiating with that animal and caused the deaths of unknown numbers of Jews. The very declaration that the Jews are taking over Israel caused the Arab hatred for the Jews, including the Chevron massacre, and the Mufti's unlikely alliance with Hitler. I could go on and on.

It's not "OK" if 6,000,000 Jews are killed. But we don't have an option of eliminating anti-semitism, we only have the option of minimizing casualties. And that means laying low, Chazal say.

Rav Yochanan ben Zakai was willing to give up Jerusalem to the Romans rather than fight, in order to save Jewish lives. The militants decided to fight. If not for them, Jerusalem would not have been destroyed.

The same applies for the first destruction.

Throughout history, those who wanted to fight were the ones who cause untold death and suffering for Jews. Like the Baryonim. And like Kahane.

Our only hope is to listen to Chazal and the Gedolei Yisroel who tell us that militancy is not the way to survival. Peaceful political requests to the nations, and finding favor in their eyes works for us.

Fighting works for the Goyim.

If we would fight, we would end up like the Goyish nations that came into existence in the days we did.

Dead. Obliterated. Gone.

Only because we did not fight in Golus and submitted to the reality of being a sheep among 70 wolves did we outlive all of them.

Kahane and those like him would change that. he would make us into a Goyishe "becharvo sichye" nation who will c"v perish like all such nations.

If it’s not broken don’t fix it.

Judaism isn’t broken. We've done better than anyone else, survival-wise. Don’t change that. The only other option is to have more Jews killed, not less. That was Kahane's choice.

Thank G-d it is not Klall Yisroel's.




Anonymous Tzvi Ben Roshel said...

"Kahane and those like him would change that. he would make us into a Goyishe "becharvo sichye" nation who will c"v perish like all such nations."

Thanks for calling King David Alav Hashalom a "goy".
Do you even read Tannach?

12:38 PM  
Anonymous taon said...

What's the comparison?

5:00 PM  

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