Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Evolution I

It’s often asked, if Hashem really wants me to believe, why can't He just do a major miracle, or bring malachim down, or something similar?
He did. Not the malachim, but the something. He created a world which simply could not have come without a creator any more than a malach can. If you were on the moon, and you found a CD player, what would you think? Obviously, that someone was here already.
Now what if someone told you that the CD player came by accident - billions of years of accidental natural upheavals caused the glass to be formed out of sand, the wires out of copper, the body out of raw aluminum that melded with other metals, that it all accidentally came together, including the logo and the letters on the front, the hinged cover, the playing mechanism, the machinery, the batteries, everything - that it came not through design but through accident --
-- what would you say?
You'd say he's out of his mind. The odds of a CD player coming by accident are psycho.
There are only two ways anything happens in this world: (a) accident or (b) intelligence. If the CD player could not have come by accident, that automatically means it was deigned by intelligence. There is no third alternative.
If that is what we would say, conclusively and without any room for doubt, about a camcorder, what, then, shall one say about the human eye, which demonstrates plan and purpose compared to which a CD player is no more primitive than a rock.
Light enters your eye, and these cone sensor tools fine tune the color contrast and detail of the image, based on the lighting conditions.
There are seven million of these color sensors in your eye. Seven. Million. All of them work together to give you a realistic color image.
Seven million.
If there's not enough light for them to create color, like in a shadowy place, the color tools give the job over to a different group of black and white image enhancers. There are about 127 million of them.
Meanwhile, at the same time, a computer in your optic nerve receives signals from those 127 million sensors, changes them into code and sends them, translated, through a few hundred thousand nerve fibers that lead to your brain.
How do these millions and millions of tools know how to do all this?
Accident or intelligence?
Why doesn't your eye send the signals to your stomach or foot? How does it know which direction the brain is? How did the optic nerve in your brain know where to create a connection?
But we're not finished yet. While all this is happening inside your eye, the pupil, that black hole on the outside of your eye, is measuring the amount of light it needs to let inside the eye, and it opens and closes, like a lens, to accommodate the exact right amount. A stereo focusing system is busy maintaining maximum image sharpness and a sophisticated image enhancer is clarifying tiny blurs in your vision caused by motion or darkness.
But that's nothing. The image then gets sent to your brain.
Your brain has about ten BILLION nerve cells. Each of these ten billion cells grows between 10,000 - 100,000 fibers in order to connect to other nerve cells in the brain. The total number of these connections, which totally work in tandem with each other, equals one quadrillion. That is: 1,000,000,000,000,000.
If you want to know how much that is, here's an example:
Imagine a forest half the size of the entire United States - one million square miles. A thick forest, with 10,000 trees per square mile. If each of these trees had 100,000 leaves, the total amount of tress in the entire forest would equal one quadrillion - the amount of nerve fiber connections in your brain.

This is just the beginning. There are no two ways about it. Rationally, G-d created the world beyond a shadow of a doubt.
I would suggest reading the books of Rabbi Avigdor Miller - they are by far the best works on this topic, and many other topics as well. They are truly invaluable.



Anonymous yaakov said...

I don't understand how you can argue statistics backwards. If there are 25 kids in the class, and the chances of each having his birthday on the day that he does is 1/365, then the chances of the class having all their birthdays on all their days is (1/365)^50, and yet there the class sits, all with their actual birthdates.
The argument that a cd player could not have evolved by chance becomes moot, bc the cd player is there.

9:25 PM  
Anonymous taon said...

Im trying your math, but it's not coming out the same. life exists therefore...evolution must have happened? No. really it's life exists therefore it must have come into being somehow. You're just ignoring all other possibilities. we're not discussing the chance that the class has birthdays, but what the chances are that the birthday is whatever date. that X exists doesnt mean he must have been born on the 14th.

3:03 PM  

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