Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Earning a Cheilek Biolam Habah

All Jews have a share in Olam Habah, meaning, the days of Moshiach. Exceptions to this are those who have no chelek in Olam Habah, as listed in Chazal.
If you want a whole list of people, who, if they don't do Teshuvah aren't worthy of Techiyas Hameisim; get a sefer called Hatzlachas Hanefesh, printed in the back of the miniature Pirkei Rabi Eliezer that is sold in most seforim stores. These are the ones who will not be resurrected when Moshiach comes. Among them:

Those who do not believe in Moshiach or the resurrection of the dead,
those who have no Torah merits,
those who humiliate their fellow man,
those who regularly speak loshon horah,
those who are involved in certain types of pritzus

...and dozens more.

Those people who do not deserve Techiyas Hameisim will not be resurrected..

Those who died before will be resurrected when Moshiach comes and - according to most opinions - will live forever thereafter. The "Olam HaNeshomos" - where dead people go, commonly referred to as Gan Eden - is like a temporary place for these souls to be until the time for Moshiach has come.


We should not hope that Mashiach be delayed and the shechinah suffer longer because of the apikorsim. In fact, we pray every day (in vlamalshinim) for the apikorsim to go lost and disappear. We surely would not postpone moshiach for them.

Remember: If you believe in Yiddishkeit and are trying to be good you are not an Apikores even if you are a Rasha.


The purpose of the world is to gather merit to be here to benefit when Moshiach comes. "Today is to do them [the Mitzvos], tomorrow is to get their reward", Chazal say. If we want to be there when Moshiach comes, we have to be worthy.

The Ramchal writes that Hashem gives us each our individual jobs and if you do your job properly, regardless of how long it may take, you get equal reward. So in 16 years you can accomplish more than someone else in many more years. We do not know what our jobs are.

All Jews that are basically religious will be resurrected. The real question is, in what capacity will you be there? The Medrash says that any limb in our bodies that was not used properly will be ill or missing when Moshiach comes.

In short, everyone will get exactly, and only, what they deserve. And Hashem judges perfectly fairly.

Hashem gives us a wonderful opportunity to merit eternal happiness. It's a battle, of course, but if we realize what the prize is, it's definitely a battle worth fighting.

It's true: Those who rebel against Hashem will be lost, and not everyone will be there. But we have it 100% within our ability to be there if we want to. You do not have to be the Tzadik HaDor. But everyone, in the end, gets what they earned.


Non-Jews have the 7 Mitzvos of Bnei Noach, but that does not give them the same status as a Jew who does the 613. There is a Machlokes what the status of the Goyim will be when Moshiach comes, but everyone agrees they will not merit the eternal reward that the Jews will.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont be despair!
(every jew is automaticly filled with many mitzvos like a pamagranit and...) and every jew no matter who will be there to greet MOSHIACH! NOW!

10:48 AM  
Anonymous taon said...

Don't forget, until Moshiach comes (Bimeherah Biyamenu), and maybe sometime after then, we still have bechira. And can choose not to do teshuvah, and not join Klal isroel. It's not a question of Hashem not accepting us, chas vesholom; but of us not going to Hashem.

6:51 AM  

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