Tuesday, July 25, 2006

While waiting for Mashiach

There are differing Chazals regarding when Moshiach is born. In one place it says Moshiach was born during the time of the Bais Hamikdash. Another says that Moshiach will be born right away prior to the Geulah.

There are also differing Chazals about the Techiyas HaMeisim. Some say that the Dor HaMidbar will be resurrected before Moshiach comes; some say the great Tzadikim will be.

Also regarding the 6,000 years of galus maximum there are differing Chazals.

The reason for all these differing Chazals is, since when and how Moshiach will come is not pertinent to our lives, meaning there is not Halachic difference either way - the answers to these questions have therefore not been given much attention by the Meforshim to explain the Chazals like relevant Halachah has.

Our job in this world is to fulfill the Torah. Moshiach's coming will happen. We do not spend much effort trying to figure out when how or where, since it doesn’t really matter. More effort should be spent on like, what you do when you wash a milchig dish with a fleishig sponge. That kind of stuff we are responsible to know. How Moshiach will come is interesting, and it is Torah, but it is not nearly as important for us to know as those things that we have responsibility to fulfill.

The goal of life is to fulfill the Torah's instructions for us. If let's say by doing an aveirah you would be able to bring Moshiach, you would not do that aveirah.

Chazal say Moshiach does not come on Shabbos because Shabbos is out of the techum. The Brisker Rav points out that when there’s an ais ratzon for Moshiach to come, it may not be permanent, and if Moshiach does not violate the techum and come on that Shabbos, he may be delayed thereafter indefinitely.

Yet it doesn't matter. Says the Brisker Rav, we see from here that Moshiach's coming takes a back seat role in importance to fulfilling the Torah. It's no contest there,

That having been said, the Rambam does say that bringing Moshiach is also a motive for fulfilling the mitzvos such that if a certain mitzvah will bring moshiach in its zechus, we have an added obligation to fulfill that mitzvah over the rest.

On a side note, we still hope for Moshiach to come on Shabbos because there's a possibility he can come in a permissible way that Hashem told him to, which we don't know about.


We don't all live in Eretz Yisrael because in Golus we are all supposed to be spread around the world, in order to sanctify the entire earth so that it will be prepared for Moshiach's coming. So if you want Moshiach, the only way he is going to come is if we prepare the world accordingly, which entails that many of us live outside of Eretz Yisroel.

The Pele Yoetz does say that one of the signs of someone who waits for Moshiach is that he does not build big homes in Chutz Laaretz etc. because he is anticipating a move to Eretz Yisroel.
However, you may invest in stocks, plan for the next week, etc. Moshiach may or may not come soon. You are allowed to prepare for any contingency.


Each bit of suffering that we endure from the Goyim makes our eternal geulah that much sweeter. This is a world of darkness. Things are messed up, right looks wrong, high people look low, etc. The entire religion of Judaism is to see things the way they are, to see through the darkness and get in touch with reality through the light of the Torah.

And the coin with which we purchase eternal happiness when Moshiach comes will be the darkness that we endured in this world.

Please see the "Basic Judaism" forum section. Things not appearing the way they really are is what this world is about.

The way to love Judaism is to first understand it. If you're looking at Judaism as nice holidays, quaint customs, and an ancient tradition, then there is no answer to the sufferings we experience. But that's not Judaism. Judaism is being in touch with reality despite what it seems on the outside. And to live that reality, walking hand in hand with Hashem kav'yochol, until the great day when Hashem will show everyone what the world really is like, in reality.

Then we will see who's hated and who's not...



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