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Creation: why wasn't it done in one instant?

The question of why didn't Hashem create the world in one step is asked by Chazal. Hashem created the world in 10 steps (maamoros). Why did Hashem need 10 steps? The answer is He didn't, but He used 10 steps so that we can realize how monumental the world is. We need to realize the greatness of the world in order to understand the greatness of our Mitzvos - and the seriousness of our aveiros. Our Mitzvos maintain the world - not just any world but a world so grand that it took Hashem 10 steps to make it! Our Aveiros destroy the world - not just any world, but a world so grand that it took Hashem 10 steps to make it!

Not that Hashem needed to take 10 steps. He did it on purpose so that we can realize the impact of our actions.

It’s the same principle for creation taking 6 days as opposed to one.

As for whether there were 6 days of creation or 7 days, both are true. Sometimes Chazal use the phrase "sheshes yemei bereishis" and sometimes they use "shivas yemei bereshis". It's semantics. Technically, the world took 7 days to become what it is now, but the first 6 days were a totally different process than the 7th. The first 6 days were creation of gashmiyus, of Hashem "hiding" Himself, so to speak, making "room" for material things. On the seventh day, the opposite happened. Ruchniyus was injected into the world, Hashem "revealed" Himself instead of "hiding". The first 6 days Hashem made more and more gashmiyus, and on the seventh, He created the limitations of that Gashmiyus so that it doesn't become more material than He intended. So depending on what you mean, you can say the world was created in 6 days or in 7.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoe about proving the statement? Please provide corroborative evidence, not just a book that may or may not have been the word of God but shows little evidence of it. All recent research and analysis show that the tanach as we know it today is not fixed. It has changed in the past and, at some remote date was compiled and edited by various groups/individuals. In any case, before the creation of the earth and the sun, there could be no days. After all, even today, Mars has a different length day and Mercury has an indefinite day/night as it doesn't rotate at all. The prevailing philosophy is that only the earth is inhabitable or inhabited - an unlikely scenario.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please remember to post in the correct section and to be polite in asking instead of stating. I'm trying to stay on a snark free diet after a certain incident.
I find it interesting that you feel a need to find something to put down no matter what the subject matter is. Unless the comment I rejected wasn't from you, but from...someone who sounds like you and came at the same time. But for now I'll assume it wasn't you. You're reminding me of someone, and if you really are sharing all the symptoms, you are in major denial. What happened?


1 Most "bible critics" have been disproven again and again. Last I heard, even the biggest skeptics admit most of it was written when we have always maintained. And by one person, at least the Torah itself (Tanach, or course, was written by different people. Not only is it stated clearly, but it is obvious from the linguistics. I have never heard of anyone trying to deny this.) I can show some of the proofs, but would you listen?

2 I believe this is discussed. By Rashi. Or did you think no one has ever noticed this fact? No, you must have known. I don't see your point about other planets. Are you familiar with how and why days are divided in halachah? And we are clearly talking about "earth days".

3 What does this have to do with anything? Whose philosophy is that? Judaism is noncommittal on the subject, There have been mentions but what goes on elsewhere isn't our major concern. And if you mean "science!!" believes this...just how much mileage do they expect to get out of something as ridiculous as parallel evolution? Really, it's ridiculous for it to have happened once, but multiple times? Unless you mean the dna from space thing made up by those guys with bug names, I really can't remember who it was ages ago, sorry. Thought that was not accepted anymore.

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