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Proving Torah : Misc. I

It makes no sense that Judaism could be forgotten suddenly - by everyone, everywhere, at the same time? Suddenly? How? Why?

No, Judaism was never forgotten, Jews were always scattered around and separated, but nevertheless they had the same Mesorah and same recollection and traditions of the giving of the Torah.


The Gemarah that says Har Sinai was held over Bnei Yisrael so they would accept the Torah {this is after we said Naaseh Venishma} and we later reaccepted the Torah completely and without reserve after the events of Purim]

Kafah aleihem har kegigis was not c"v a forced belief. It was a forced acceptance of obligations. They believed very well, with or without that mountain. They just were reluctant to accept the responsibility of the Mitzvos.

In fact, the Ran says that the reason the aseres hadibros starts with Anochi Hashem, as opposed to "Thou shalt believe in me", is because they certainly did believe before kabbalas hatorah, because anybody who is not an idiot (or willing to fool himself into being one) surely believes, since G-d's existence is so obvious. So it was meaningless for Hashem to tell them "thou shalt believe". Instead, He introduced Himself, as if to say "The G-d that you believe in -- I am He!" Anochi Hashem. And the Mitzvah of Emunah is therefore to believe not that G-d exists, since that's simplicity - but to believe that the G-d that surely exists is the entity that took us out of Egypt and gave us the Torah -- to believe that "I". i.e. the One talking to us on Har Sinai, is in fact the G-d that we all know must exist.


The reason Hashem made things so complex is because He wanted to provide you with proof that He exists. So even though He could have done it differently, He did it this way for you to see His hand in creation. It says this in the posuk: Asah Elokim Sheyiru Milfanav - G-d created in order that you should be in awe of Him.


During the Mabul, the entire world was under water, even Australia (an exception in Eretz Yisroel, Chazal say). The reason Hashem had to destroy the koalas there is the same reason he had to destroy the grizzlies in California: the animals themselves became corrupt and acted unnaturally. Only the fish did not "sin", and so they were spared.

Of course, such termination of animal life is not a "punishment" since animals have no Bechirah. Rather, it is more of a simple sanitizing of the world by removing from it all the tumah that man had planted therein.
The animals fitting into the ark was a miracle.

Crossing from Asia to America is possible on foot by crossing the Bearing Straits, a 52 (I believe) mile wide stretch of water between Russia and Alaska, which freezes up in the winter and creates a walkable path. That is probably how humans got to the Americas.


The skeletons of the Jews who died in the desert due to the cheit hamiraglim might be found, it’s not as if archaeologists go out looking for them.
But more likely, I would imagine that the remains of those people who miraculously died were swept up by the ananei hakavod and buried miraculously, or something to that effect. Their deaths were of course a miracle, so their burials could very well have been also. Who knows?


There is tons of archeological and historical evidence of Yetzias Mitzrayim. Rabbi Kelleman's book is a good place to start - he lists much archeological evidence of things like the 10 makos which were written down by Egyptians lamenting their fate at the time, as well as the exodus itself. But there is also history - the fact that Egypt suddenly "disappeared" off the historical map as a superpower for a few centuries has bothered secular historians for a very long time. Check out a book called Ages in Chaos by Immanuel Velikovsky, where he demonstrates that the sudden and inexplicable disappearance of Egypt as superpower coincides perfectly with the Biblical account of Egypt getting their country decimated by the Makos and their entire army wiped out at the Yam Suf.


Ask him how his doctor can "restrict" him from eating certain foods - like cyanide, arsenic, and mercury, for instance (all deadly), - will not drinking gasoline make you a better person?

Your soul has a “biology” to it just like your body does. And G-d, in His benevolence, has revealed to us what it takes to keep that soul alive and healthy. It's that simple. G-d does not "restrict" us any more or less than science "restricts" us by telling us what will kill and harm us. Does he have a problem with that?

Why would G-d create a body with such "restrictions"? But He did, didn't He? Your soul, too, has such requirements, and the scientists of the soul are the Chachamim, the science of which was given to us by G-d on Mt. Sinai.

Just like by following your doctor's directions you will merit a healthy life in this world, so too by following G-d directions you will merit eternal happiness in Gan Eden. And vice versa.


Get a hold of a book called "Awake My Glory" by Rabbi Avigdor Miller (which, by the way, is a wonderful book about Jewish ideology in general), and "Permission to receive" by Rabbi Lawrence Kelleman, where you will find, in the appendix, representatives of Pope John Paul II trying pathetically to defend Christianity, and failing miserably. Also check out

Normally, though, I would suggest you just avoid the missionaries.


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